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The company “Sago Wózki Widlowe” was founded in 1998 as a used forklift trade business by Peter Slawomir Sawitzki in Czersk/Poland. Over time, the company focussed more and more on Compact forklifts, Sideloaders and Heavy forklifts. Due to this specialization, Sago Wózki Widlowe registered a fast growth and after a short period was able to expand its business to Germany.

In 2001, Peter Slawomir Sawitzki successfully opened a new sales office “S-Gabelstapler” in Hamburg/Germany. Major repairs and the maintenance of used forklifts are still being executed in Czersk/Poland for economical reasons,

Only after 11 years of foundation, the company already employs more than 50 co-workers. In Poland Sago Wózki Widlowe effectively takes over the dealer representation for “PAUS”.  With support of our qualified and high-performance driven team, the products are being distributed, rented out and naturally service supported nationwide.

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Sawomir Kozowski
Malachin ul. Cisowa 2
PL 89-650 Czersk
Tel: +48 52-3986750
eMail: info@sago-online.com

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